MylifE Villages

“Give a man a fish; feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish; feed him for a lifetime” – Lao Tzu


The MylifE Foundation has been working on the sustainable development of the MylifE Village concept for the past 6 years. A couple of months ago, after a long trip we finally arrived in Hogsback – where we are setting up our first ‘pilot’ Village. We are blessed to be in such a beautiful, natural environment – surrounded by forests, waterfalls, mountains, wild-life and a willing community.

Google Map view of our Property in Hogsback, Eastern Cape

The Idea

We are building a ‘creative community’ for the Next Generation. The MylifE Villages will be a place where, using eco-principles, youth – otherwise trapped in unemployment, poverty and hopelessness – have the opportunity for healing and to be skilled into sustainable and inspired members of society, contributing to economic development and a peaceful society.

Concept Layout Drawing for the MylifE Village

The Programme

The model is a “Train the Trainer” programme based on climate, soil, food, water, shelter and love. It will provide training and skills development for children in all areas of Green Building and Food Production. This will be realised through hands-on-work, practical learning and experience in a real-life, self-sufficient creative community.


The Goal

The MylifE Villages will provide children with the tools they need to change their lives and communities for the better.


My mission is to learn everything about self sustainability and eco-development and I want my kids and all the other kids in the community to grow up in this proper manner – towards a better future.” – Manie Hendricks, Facilities & Maintenance Management